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Laurie Cunningham

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Was just browsing through the BBC website when i started reading this article.


I'd heard about the time when 'Big' Ron Atkinson had for the first time 3 Black players in an English team.

When all this was going on i wasn't even born,but if your interested in all things football. You pick up tales from years gone by.

Like i said i'd heard that Cyril Regis,Brendan Bateson and Laurie Cunningham(The 3 Degrees as they were known)had been good players. Regis and Cunningham been full internationals.

But i didn't know that Cunningham became the first Englishman to play for Real Madrid. Didn't know that he played for Man Utd on loan and didn't know that he came on as a sub for the 'Crazy Gang' in their 1988 final againt Liverpool. Also didn't know that he was dead.

Just found it an enlightening article and i'm sure some of the older posters on here would remember him and find it interesting also.


So i thought i'd share.



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