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Frankie Boyle

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As you will all know, Frankie is back on our screens in the brand new series of Mock the Week, Thursdays at 9pm on BBC 2.


But if you have ever been to a studio record of the show, you'll know that a great number of Frankie's contributions end up being edited out as they are just too controversial to be broadcast on TV at that hour (or indeed any hour...)


Not one to be censored, Frankie has decided to make this material available to his fans via a brand new free podcast available to download on iTunes. On the podcasts, you'll hear material previewed before a live audience in preparation for the Mock the Week studio records.


You will have access to all of Frankie's brilliantly dark suggestions for all the usual rounds, including 'Scenes We'd Like to See' - most of which will never be broadcast on TV.


Be sure to subscribe as new podcasts will be added regularly as the seventh series continues on BBC2 .


To download now from itunes, just click here:








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Intersting posts here,


seems to be a polar split.


Hmmm, his DVD for me was too much to be honest I got a bit bored with the same style of gag and actually the wearing down of his "shocking" material but on Mock the week I think he is hilarious.

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  • 3 years later...

My pal said to me 'why do you have all the luck with women?'


I said 'it's easy mate, you just need to offer them a shoulder to cry on sometimes'.


As we're getting ready to go out he says 'what's that you're dabbing on your shoulder?'


'Rohypnol' says I.

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This article merely proves what I said above. They are compared only in that they are "shocking".


I'm sure Frankie Boyle likes Jerry Sadowitz along with a number of other comedians. If Frankie Boyle is trying to be Sadowitz why hasnt he tried out magic yet ? :laughing:

Probably cause he's not as talented...I quite like Boyle just stating he's a poor man's Sadowitz

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