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Ibrahimovic And Eto'o Swap

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A good deal all round in my opinion. On his day Ibrahimovic is up there with Ronaldo, Iniesta and Messi. Sublimely gifted, I don't believe there is a more talented player in world football than Ibrahimovic. If Barcelona can get him playing, some of the football played at the Nou Camp next season will be even more breath taking than before... if that is possible!


Hleb is a brilliant player too... I remember the first time I saw him play for Belarus against Scotland and he absolutely ran the show. Realistically though, he's going to struggle to a game ahead of messi and Iniesta.


Key word right there.


On his day he is immense. But in the big games, he's gone missing far too often and just doesn't look interested.

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Not a fan of fancy-dan players but if you guys are saying Zlat got 27 goals last season then thats a great return (but obviosuly Mourinho was the manager who would get the best out of just about everyone).


Ibraha has all the skills but less end product than Eto'o imo. For me Inter have the better deal by a long way but if Barca want to play sensual sexy fitba then good on them I'll look forward to watching it!

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Can't get over this proposed deal. Barca are mad, Ibrahimovic is gash 90% of the time and always in the big games. Eto'o is magic, scores goals, works really hard, what more do you need? It would be an awful deal just to swap them but a swap plus 35 million is utter insanity.

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id say barca will definately feel they got the best deal. cos theyv been lookin to offload etoo for 2 or 3 seasons now, dunno why like as he's he's one of the worlds deadliest strikers! its probably right to say ibra wont bang in 30 odd goals but will more than likely get more than 20 and his style of play will contribute more to the tema than etoo and allow players like henry and iniesta to grab a few more.

in sayin all that though inter have finally got the out and out goalscorer theyv been needin for their assault on the champs league and with signin lucio aswell theyll be better equipped this season than any other.

great deal all round!

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