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Semi Final

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Anyone know how many tickets we have sold?

About 10k

Thought it was 11.5k we had sold?

Would like to think we'll shift another few k before the end of the week, Saturday afternoon, 3pm, not on TV, reasonable pricing, Dons playing OK.

Were we not about 15k for QoTS?

Someone claims its over 12500 now http://www.afc-chat.co.uk/forums/index.php?showtopic=23371&view=findpost&p=505171 and in the same thread it looks like we might outnumber the tims :lolceltic:


I think the official number is just over the 13k mark.

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From this picture.....the afc allocation runs from the dug outs round to B4 which is the second of the two red strips together (all lower tier)


Weve sold out all of the south stand blue seats and and very few seats left A2-B2 with most sales now in B3 and B4 (those two red strips)

A proverbial sea of red and white. Let's get everyone wearing something red and make it a display to be proud of. :scarf::bounce:

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