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Hopefully A Happy 21St For Me

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Probably cos the team is full of dire huns and tims with and managed by mr inspiration....just a guess.


Well I'll support my national team through good and bad. That's a little petty, not supporting your team because a few huns or tims play for them, there are still other players. Especially now with talent coming from premier league teams there are actually less than there has been for a while. Your choice though I guess.

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Played: 1

Lost: 1

Had my miserable coupon snapped and put in the national press after the game: 1

Ended up dwelling on the result for weeks on end and, almost 3 years on, still haven't got over that awful day: 1


Lets hope we all have something to celebrate come full time on Saturday.


I min that Bri.

You seemed almost suicidal everytime you posted on here for a while after that.

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My Hampden record , P2 W2 D0 L0


They were the 85/86 scottish cup final against Hearts which we won 3-0

and then the second time i was there was the semi against hibs in 99/00 which we won 2-1

had tickets for the final as well but had to work instead, so gave my ticket to my cousin and i still blame him to this day for us losing it :P

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