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Craig Browns Red Army!

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LS - hopefully all dons fans are united behind Brown and Knox! we have at last got the right mgmt team in place!

Is that nae that annoying "band" that was in the charts nae that long ago. I thought it was 2 auldians we hid in the dugoot?



Nonetheless STAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAND FREEEEEEEEE :scarf::dancin::dance::cheers::bounce:

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Don't think that should be a problem. Everyone going down should be prepared to give 110% in the stands and so should the players. Let's outsing, outplay and outclass those weegie minks! It's about time we took Hampden back as ours! COYR! Can't wait to get my flug ootside the ground for the sea of red!

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I can't wait for it, there will be hardly any work done by me on Friday.


We along with the players have to give this everything

Well I never do any work anyway so I suppose I won't notice a difference haha. Can't wait to get all the folk that harped on about 9-0 back with a lovely dose of silverware after we make the second trip down even more memorable! :lolceltic:

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