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Semi On Tv In Dubai?

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Any Dons in Dubai know if the semi will be shown on the telly out here and if so on which channel?


Is there a pub in Dubai that Dandies frequent for this sort of thing?





Although I'm based in Qatar, we have the same tv network. Its on Showsports 2.


No idea regarding pub etc,


Hope this helps!

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Hi red sheep.


It is indeed on Showsports 2 at 7pm on Saturday.


There's a few places being mentioned for a potential venue and meeting place.

There's a thread on Mad at the moment called 'Dubai Dons' which the Ibis in Barsha (been there a few times and no atmosphere) seems to be the popular venue.

I've no idea, might head there, but might just head down to the Monty and watch it.

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Also just noticed that Bet365 have added the game to their live schedule. You need a funded account plus made a bet at least 24 previously but could still be a cheaper option for any overseas Dandies not signed up to International RedTV :stormtrooper:


Although according to Bet365 we are playing Bangor Celtic :poster_oops::hysterical: :hysterical:

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