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Interesting Story About Tommy Sheridan


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Not sure if you heard the story about what happened immediately after the recent Tommy Sheridan trial?


Tommy and Gail were leaving the Court immediately after the trial and, after giving a statement to the press and posing for photos, headed towards the car park. You may have noticed in the coverage that Tommy would bring a mysterious large bag into court with him every day. As they get to the car, Tommy realises that he has forgotten his bag...


Tommy: Damnit, I have gone and left my bag in the courtroom Gail. Give me a minute hen while I nip back and get it.


Gail: Nae bother.


So Tommy heads back towards the court to collect his bag, ducks past the paparazzi, up the stairs of the court, through the lobby and back into the main courtroom. Wee Jeanie the Cleaner is the only one left and she is just clearing up.


Wee Jeanie the Cleaner: Oh Tommy, it's yersel, that wis a sin whit happened here th'day. Whit's wrang?


Tommy: I've come to get my holdall.


Wee Jeanie: Don't you think you're in enough trouble Tommy......

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How long do we think he will get then?


4 or 5 years I reckon, meaning he will serve 2 - 2.5.


(I wish they would just have transparent sentencing and only sentence what will actually be served, instead of the current nonsense).


Released this coming Monday, after spending 1 year in jail, he will be tagged for the next 6 months for home curfew programme, I doubt it will be the last we hear of him, or from him.



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*coughs* but you watch X-Factor.... :)

I did, but not anymore. As a rule i admit it's the only reality style show i've ever watched, but i suppose at least it's a singing competition (well it's supposed to be) but Big Brother, fucking hell, how on earth has that show lasted so long?


Anyway back on topic, Sheridan is like George Galloway i.e full of shite

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