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Up For The Cup?

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I thought i'd post this to get to know how you guys are getting yourselves geared up for tommorrow.

Whether it be a pub tonight, having the family round, or just giving it your all 24/7 for the Dons i'd like to know.


I personally like to watch videos of previous triumphs which gets me right up for the game knowing it is possible! No i'm not talking '83 i'm talking the past 5 years, all the acheivements we have accomplished...and all the ones we haven't. Here's a few videos you might enjoy:


Great Aberdeen Goals



Scottish Cup Quarter Final Against Celtic




Those are just a few, feel free to add any you may think help the Red Army right up for tomorrow!

Lets here the battle cry...COME ON YOU REDS!

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I'm up and well excited now. Bus leaves King Street in 90 minutes then into Weegieville just in time for some drinks!


I'm up now too, heading off to get the train soon. Hungover like f**k, a couple of beers and I'll be flying again. Let's get intae these tatty munchers!! :dance:


Just heard the A90 is closed at Laurencekirk due to an accident. :dontknow:

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