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A cross, two corners and a crazy penalty. What a ludicrous way to fall apart.


Don't want to be too critical on Langfield for the first but a cross like that shouldn't catch out a keeper that easily.


2nd goal: Is it considine easily outmuscled on the line


3rd goal: Diamond made a fool of and barely even challenged.


4th goal: What on earth went through Deek's head?!


Forgot how many decent chances we actually had in the second half, should've scored a couple more.


What a let down.

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This may sound like the thoughts of a fantasist, and I'm nae sure if there is anything in it, but just a glimmer of an excuse for Young's hand ball.

Watch the celtic player come up to him just as the free kick is taken. He tries to pull Young's arm. Maybe Young instinctively pulled his arm away at the same time as he was jumping, momentum taking his arm above his head.

In any case whether this is plausible or not, a free kick should have been awarded to us when the celtic player tried to manhandle Young.


I'm nae looking for excuses, as we were absolutely awful, but watch the incident again and make up your own mind.

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I can't watch the highlights, add it to the QOS/Dundee Utd semi final stockpile of unwatchable Aberdeen games.


From what I mind at the game it was so much of a stone waller that not even Young argued about it, the referee actually looked at Young with a totally bamboozled look on his face, as if to say "what the f**k did you do that for"?





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