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Falkirk In Trouble

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In the scotsman today



on 24 January 2011 a petition was presented to the court of session to the Advocate General for Scotland for and on behalf of the commissioners for Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs craving the court inter alia to order that Falkirk Football and Athletic Club LTD., The Falkirk Stadium, Westfield, Falkirk, Stirlingshire FK2 9DX (registered office) be wound up by the court and to appoint a liquidator. Any person who intends to appear in the petition must lodge answers with the Court of Session, 2 Parliment Square, Edinburgh, within 8 days of intimation, service and advertisement. G A D Pate. solicitor for Solicitor (Scotland), HM Revenue & Customs, Solicitor for the petitioner, Enforcement and Insovency, 20 Haymarket Yards, Edinburgh, EH12 5NW. Tel: **********

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What have Falkirk ever done to us other than stopping us from being relegated, Pressley will find another job no problem if the worst happens to Falkirk, so why you have to laugh about a club being in demise or someone losing their job escapes me you total clown



OJ has said a few stupid things lately.

Tongue in cheek comments guys. Jesus get a bit of humility into your lives for once eh :rolleyes:

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They won div 1 but there old stadium didnt meet spl standards. So even tho we finished bottom of the league we stayed up.

Incorrect. That was the season the league was expanded and therefore we should have been in a play off. The gap was much bigger then between the 1st div and the SPL and we had already beaten a number of 1st division sides during that campaign so I reckon we would have been safe. If you add into this the fact that we managed to get to 2 cup finals that seasons and had pretty much written the league campaign off when we were not bottom of the league as we knew we would not go straight down so stopped trying pretty much IIRC. I reckon we would have been fine. This is yet another myth about our club that has been repeated so much that many Dons actually believe it even though it is a complete fabrication that is brought up periodically by lazy journalists who repeat it as fact as they cannot be arsed checking the story to see if it actually contains one iota of truth.


Of course the team that was saved by Falkirk playing in a f**king shithole was motherwell a few seasons later. You never read about that in the weegie press though.

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