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Dunfermilne Roll Call

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IN or Out - Out, will watch it on the telly(If Sat would have gone, but put off by Sunday and it being on telly)


Pre Match- take the youngest one swimming, all nappies and arm bands


Post match- something exciting like ironing my shirts for the week ahead :)


Prediction- 3-0 Maguire x 2, Vernon

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Prediction - 2-0 Vernon , Blackman , Milsom( not necessarily in that order )




IN or Out - Out I think, but not sure yet. Playing football at 5, which means I would have to leave early. Given that it is on TV, probably going to sway towards out.


Pre Match- Not very much. Spot of shopping perhaps.


Post match- Playing football


Prediction- 3-1 Maguire, Hartley, McArdle

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Sorry to join the constantly questioning Dandy abroad crew, but will this game be shown live on iPlayer? I have managed to score, thanks to a very generous brother still on UK soil, a proxy that enables top notch BBC online viewing. So if this is on iPlayer I am quids in as I trust their service infinitely more than RedTV I am sorry to say.

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