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Scottish Cup 2010-2011

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Just discovered that my Live Pause and Rewind is bust. The wife said that SAF jumped up when the huns scored. She thought he did celebrate but under cross-examination - as I didn't believe that he would be so stupid and couldn't see for myself - wasn't sure. Are you sure he didn't KSL?

It didn't look like he did.

All others around him did, but he seemed to stay rooted to his seat. I think it's his brother sitting beside him did.

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These mandatory reds have ruined this OF game like they ruin many matches.


Anyone who has ever played the game knows that that should never have been a red card. Naismith dived over an outstreched arm and was lucky to get a penalty.


f**k it! I'm just delighted to see a ref sending of a Celtic player and giving a pen against them. :lolceltic:


Was a pen nae a sending off though.

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Firstly you are correct I didn't know he wasn't on the bench. Secondly I dinna give a flying f**k fit side he plays, he has more talent in his left ba' than McArdle has in his whole gangling frame. McArdles decision making is laughable and distribution is worse than oor Russell.

McArdle in the middle is alright, he is much better than Diamond, at right back he is ok, n othing more than that though, Robertson is dirt at the back and a midfielder by trade.


Must say that the goal Brown scored today for Celtic was a niceone, cracking celebration afterwards too.

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Why was the draw for the quarters made before our game was finnished today when previous draws were left until Tuesday


The commentator mention that if we had a replay it would be on Wednesday Would this not clash with the Scotland game


can't imagine millions of old firm fans would have waited till after our match to see the draw in all honesty. i probably wouldn't have if it had been motherwell v stranraer.

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