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The Scottish Parliament Election 2011 Thread


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  1. 1. Who do you think will win the Scottish Election?

    • SNP
    • Labour
    • Liberal Democrat
    • Conservative
    • Scottish Green
    • SSP
    • Other

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The Scottish Parliament Election happens on Thursday 5th of May this year with the SNP looking to stay in power for another 4 years, but Labour will be looking to follow up on their General Election Scottish success and win back power. Discuss.


With the coalition government down the road, what impact will that have on our election?


I at the moment don't yet know how i'll vote.

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SNP for me. I'd be looking for them to do better in the next parliament, but think they've done just enough to earn another chance.


The other parties haven't argued a strong enough case as to why they should get in and what they would do better.


Think it's a straight fight between SNP and Labour anyway, and I'd rather have Alex Salmond as first minister than Iain Gray.

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Given how hamstrung the SNP have been and been lumbered with stupid spending right from the off due to Labour/Lib (that waste of 500 mill in Edinburgh) I think they've done pretty well. Yes I am or was while there an SNP supporter but think the environment created by the opposition and having to bargain for everything... it still surprises me they managed to do *anything*.


I think the Tory vote will go down from the last election given the mess they're doing since getting in in the UK. Think the Libs will also be tarnished with that (rightly) and go down.


So agree it's going to be a straight SNP or Labour battle.


The gloves will come off and all the dirty smear campaigns funded from London will start up soon though and it'll be aimed from all sides at the SNP no doubt because the Tories and Libs know they won't get much traction in Scotland and the SNP are the only ones that will upset the UK applecart, so yeah. Don't be surprised to see a 3 pronged attack on anything SNP.


When is the election anyway? Late May? Early June? (I'm going to be in the UK then... would love to be there for another election :D)

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Has to be SNP. If we (Scotland) are going to be raped every time the Tories get in* it's just not going to work out. Know that's not what the vote is on but we need to send a signal that what is happening is unacceptable. And if the lib dems get a single vote in Scotland I'll start to doubt if I should live here anymore with c**ts like Danny "Oil Tax was my idea" / "airbases shut... fine" / c**t bag Alexander are involved.




Edit * And given the cyclic nature of politics that will happen. Also in a perfect world voting for independence would be ridiculous, now it seems rational.

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I know fella.


But Alex Salmond is the biggest tube of the lot. It's funny watching him when he gets owned during those silly little 'here here' 'moan and groan when a point is made' circus they all do.


I f**king hate him.


Na Bluto, I voted 'Other' because they seem like a good party, but I need to know their views.


(P.S. - Never vote min, lies, bullshit and corruption).


I doubt you have watched many debates of this nature Roberto and without google do you even know who the other leaders that Salmond is up against?

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the funny thing i find with politics is that there are so many folk out there who think they can run the country from the comfort of their airmchair and with a bottomless pit of money.

maggie this and maggie that, she did this and she did that. balh blah blah.

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