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Dirty Dandy

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Has there ever been a Dandy who was a dirty player or a diving cheat ? in your memory AND I mean whilst wearing the RED.


Please give reasons and recalls for discussion


No but we've had a few no nonsense type players.


Jim Bett


Doug rougvie , hard nut and if you dished some out to him he'd dish it back.Possibly my favorite player even if his game play was a bit awkward looking.He was never shy to make a tackle but he was genuine I think.

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Ha ha ha lol


I am clutching at straws suggesting Bertie was a "dirty" player


Think the game has changed quite a bit in the last twenty/thirty years.Most strikers would go down if there was a fair bit of contact under a challenge but these days they fall over all to easily.I'm not being specific to us but generally speaking.Seen a fair few players go over when if they'd stay'd on their feet might have scored a goal.


Edit.That doesn't apply to the old farm of course,no contact is hardly necessary to win a pen.

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that was nothing but pure gibberish


lee miller was in a sh*te, sh*te team therefore he had tomulti-task and sacrifice himself for the team, hence his scoring rate not being phenomenal


Lee Miller dived, no other word for it, yes he went down easily if challenged but he also dived; he cheated - don't like it, not what a dons player should do. Going down in the penalty box untouched by other hand and then claiming for a penalty - don't like to see it and saw it far too often - think those who do it should be retrospectively red carded and their teams docked a point. It would soon stop. I take Brian Cloughs attitude on this. Lee Miller dived. No excuse - he's a cheat. Can't remember him being dirty though.

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I remember one game away to Hamilton. Miller had one defender to beat to be 1 on 1 with the keeper. He did a barbatovesk side backheel to put the defender onto the wrong footing and direction. Instead of continuing with the ball and taking a goal scoring opportunity, he collapsed to the ground like a sniper had taken him down. It was blatant cheating by Miller. And he got quite a bit of abuse from the away don's fans.


That's what he was all about. Instead of taking goal scoring opportunities, he'd rather look to win free kicks.

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i remember that too, vividly


he fell to the deck as he realised he didnt have the pace to beat the defender, not because hed RATHER hit the deck!


So instead of finding another player or option, or holding up the ball, or using skill to beat the defender, he thought "f*ck it".


Lazy. Cheat.

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he DID use skil to create the chance, yyou said it urself


he however didnt have the pace or support and lost his balance


the skill he used had outwitted even his own teammates, so he had noone with him




If i remember, it was a through ball from a counter-attack, he didn't have anyone else around him. He wrong footed the defender, he could have created a few yards of space and taken a shot, or held up the ball and waited for others to join him.


You're just confirming he's a cheat. He didn't have the pace to beat the defender, so he fell over looking for a free kick. But the referee, and the fans saw through that.

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no, he didnt cheat


he accentuated the foul on him for the referees benefit


he NEVER outright dived


there was always contact


theres a difference


the guy had NO pace at all, you cant blame him for that


You can't accentuate a foul when there wasn't one in the first place. No point arguing with you, your favourite Scunthorpe United 'striker' can do no wrong.

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are you saying that you've seen miller OUTRIGHT dive, ie mikoliunas against scotland at hampden?


if so, no point arguing with you either!


Football is a physical sport. Have i seen Lee Miller go down when a foul wouldn't be considered a foul? Yes. Often? Yes.


Mikoliunas is a stupid cheat.

Miller is a sly cheat.

A cheats still a cheat. Even if you have masturbatory fantasies about them.

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