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The Football Years

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Episode one: 1974 World Cup... The Golden Generation?


Led by Willie Ormond and inspired by their fiery-tempered captain Billy Bremner, Scotland were the only UK nation represented at the 1974 World Cup in West Germany. In this episode Ernie Walker, Joe Jordan, Peter Lorimer, John Blackley, Ally Hunter, Tommy Hutchison, David Hay and Sandy Jardine relive those heady days of summer 1974.


Episode two: 1986... Breaking Hearts and Breaking the Bank


Hearts came within seven minutes of the league title at Dens Park, only to have it snatched away in dramatic circumstances. Celtic were champions, Hearts finished runners-up and Alex Ferguson

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Fair lookin forward to episode 4, like. Fa's the quine wi her bare arse oot, Oddjob? Same lassie as afore?

It is indeed the same lovely Rosie Jones. My previous effort was removed and replaced with a joke effort by admin (if anyone else saw that earlier on i can safely say it wasn't me who did that, never noticed it until earlier on :laughing: )

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