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Car Career


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Erm.... fae fit I can remember, though there's probably mair...


VW Golf




Crappy Italian box (totalled)


Nissan Sunny




Ford Escort (New, and the worst car I've driven bar the Crappy Italian Box)


Cherokee Jeep (Best motor I've owned)




Crossfire (Looks the part... bag of sh*te)






Jeep Liberty


2 x Impalas


Chevy Traverse (Current motor. Looks like an orthopedic shoe)



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Civic is a great car. Type R too wild for me. The wife's 2.2 diesel is going soon and I'll miss that car, just an excellent motor.

Yeh it really is a great car, love driving it. Only downside is how poor it is in the snow. Mine was basically off the road for 2 months earlier this year. But love getting it out onto a motorway and rasping it. Bucket seats are super comfy too, really happy I bought it.

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Yeh it really is a great car, love driving it. Only downside is how poor it is in the snow. Mine was basically off the road for 2 months earlier this year. But love getting it out onto a motorway and rasping it. Bucket seats are super comfy too, really happy I bought it.

Winter grips are an amazing invention.

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Great car, that I was adamant I was gonna buy after my last Golf. Unfortunately there wasnt any available that interested me when I was buying.

I got offered one at the pub one night 18 months ago. Was needing a car at the time so bought it. Was never really interested in Golfs, but having owned one for 18 months and having just purchased another one I have to agree that they are great cars!

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(in UK)


E reg Nissan Bluebird 1.6GL hatchback [pale metallic green]


G reg Toyota Carina II 1.6 GL hatchback [pale sky blue]


E reg Nissan Sunny 1.3L saloon (as a runaround needed for a few months before I left the UK) [white with rust features]


(in Oz)


Toyota Corona 1.8 CD hatchback (same body shape as the Carina II... but it had a fricken fridge in it baybee!) [gun metal grey]


Ford Laser 1.6 GL hatchback (from 1983 or so... a cheap and necessary interim car) [baby puke colour]


Ford Falcon 4.0 XT estate [dark metallic blue]




The Bluebird was a lovely comfy car that was slow as a wet week but a good first car I think.


The Carina I loved. Put so many damn miles on that thing... and it got done in by a speed bump in Aberdeen near the Uni holing the tank only 4 months or so before I was going to leave the country, hence...


The cheap Sunny (UKP225 plus UKP50 for replacement brake pads) which again took me and the (new) missus around the country one last time before I left and got sold for UKP250 literally as I was on the way to the airport to leave the country.


The Toyota Corona here although it was pretty much the identical car to the Carina was just because it was the best car I could afford when fairly new out! Lovely car that got done in by a dodgy mechanic.


The Ford Laser was a sack of sh*t that in the 12 months or so I had it cost me about 3 times the amount I paid for it in mechanics bills.


And finally the Falcon is a nice car that is huge without having many frills to it (base model) and my current ride. Think it's a 2002 model that I bought in early 2005. Wow... didn't realise I'd had it so long...

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Vauxhall Astra 1.6


Renault Clio 1.2


55 plate VW Bora 2.0


58 plate VW Golf 1.9


59 plate VW Passat HL 2.0


I'm really not into cars very much. Lift up he bonnet of a car and I'll be able to point to the engine and where the oil and windscreen wash goes, anything more than that and I'm stumped though. I'm never bothered about how fast a car can go (especially as I'm currently sitting on 9 points) and only care that it's comfortable to drive and reliable.


The girlfriend has a Fiat 500 though and i find it quite enjoyable for inner city driving, even as a 6"2, 15st male.

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my first ever car was a white 2.8 injection capri, i've had 5 others since then, love em!

bmw 323i

bmw 325i

bmw c2 alpina

vw scirroco storm mark 1

2 x renault 11 turbos, 1 standard 1 souped up


rs 1800 fiesta

vw vectra sri

mercedes clk 230 kompressor

currently have the ultimate street sleeper, mercedes c32 amg estate, de-restricted to 170 mph, vath tuning and ecu re-map to 395 bhp, fast as f**k in the dry, sh*te in the wet, useless in the snow :hysterical:

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A reg - mk1 1.3 Astra (GTE body kit and allows, haha!) - my first car, and boy it was some bucket, a rear window once fell out when I went over a speed bump :laughing:

also the engine exploded when I was on the M6 at 80 mph, cruising over to the hard shoulder dodging the traffic was fun. Got the engine re-built by my uncle in Southport then the exhaust fell off on the way home. :ThumbsDown:


F Reg - 205 1.6 Gti - bought this when I was a student. Amazingly fun car to drive (thing was like a go-kart) but swallowed up pretty much all my student loans on the insurance :(


M Reg - 306 2.0 Xsi - a reasonably good but boring car, ran the thing into the ground, by the time I was finished, it sounded like you were dragging a stream of pots and pans round with you.


R Reg - Volvo S40 2.0 SE- beast of a machine, will probably keep going for ever and still does 120 without breaking a sweat. Would never have bought it like but got it off a mate for free when he emigrated to OZ. Can't argue against it at that price :D

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C reg Mark II Fiesta


S reg Focus (Company car)


E Reg Escort (Stolen)


G Reg Polo


A piece of sh[]it my mate gave me to settle a debt accumulated by him crashin the aforementioned focus while driving half cut and without my permission havign already been told 'no'- canna even mind what it wa, might've been anither Fiesta


R Reg Civic


N Reg Impreza (2l turbo of course)


52 Laguna


06 L200 (current)

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