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Aberdeen Football Club Share Price.

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AFC shares are traded on a matched bargain basis, i.e. off market. Effectively a waiting list of purchasers at present as stock generally only becomes available through executries.


The minimum level of stock that Brewin Dolphin like to trade in is 100 shares, although most buyers generally look to purchase 260 shares as this is the level required by the club to receive certain shareholder perks (i.e. a club shop discount, access to European tickets etc)


The shares are likely to trade around the

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29 minutes ago, sooth_stander said:

Full of Weegies that emigrated down there in the 1930s when a steelworks company shifted its base there. 

Plus a 2nd big wave in the mid-60s. Mainly Weegies but no shortage of North-East families as well. Including my grandparents.

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