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Jimmy's First Match

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Twist of fate delivered by Jeff Hardy there.


Anyways cmon dunfy - set the ball rolling.

The twist of fate was rarely used by Jeff. It was Matt who was the main user of such a finishing manoeuvre.


But anyway. Can't see county doing well with blubber punts in control. Then again, maybe that's who they need if he can get them into the prem and then sack him.

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Whilst I'm sure he wasn't completely silent in that whole scenario, it was Miller who offered him a 1 year deal after he did a turn for us in a pre-season game. Scott Calderwood turned it down because he didn't want to uproot his family back to Scotland just for a guaranteed 1 year deal.

You surely cant be suggesting Miller would have been going over the managers head and signing players off his own back?

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