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Are Leyton Orient Better Than Barcelona?

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we shall have to wait and see what the score is when barcelona have home advantage first. my own theory is barcelona are probably better than leyton orient.


interesting how barry hearns was labouring the point that the O's aren't cheats i.e. they operate within their budget and he has no sympathy with the teams who are on the verge of administration due to seeking to cheat by spending vastly more than they can afford to. I like him.

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I think Dounby (Orkney) were once the world champions, they beat the Faroes, who had just beaten Austria, who had just beaten the world champions Germany.


Barry Hearn is a w*nker, he's only at Orient for the value of the land they sit on, taking the players to Vegas indeed, that's the very least the slippery c**t should be doing.

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I was delighted for them yesterday like.


I was given a Leyton Orient top when I was younger (for the life of me I can't recall why, but have always 'bothered' (loosely) to look for their results at a weekend, don't follow them or f**k all interesting like that), so it's the only 'Cockney' club I can tolerate and top see them GIRFU Arsenal and Wenger was entertaining.


For getting the reply, Hearn is taking them to Las Vegas, alright for some eh?


Roberto in liking a Spurs feeder club shocker! hahaha

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