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Afc Players #3

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arguablly Alex Smiths best signing for the club when he arrived in the summer of 1988, Smith spotted the Liverpuddlian playing for Dutch side Groningen whilst scouting Theo Snelders, and both players were spotted without the help of Dutch footballs great talent spotters Calderwood and Son!

bought for a bargain £200,000 he went on to become a cult hero for Dons fans during his 5 year stay in the north east, whislt being signed as midfileder Mason could comfortably play up front, on the wing or even right back wherever asked to turn out he give nothing but a top class display, always looking to get forward he possesed a real goal threat,and his best game in a dons shirt was helping the club to win the 1989 Skol cup with Mason scoring both goals in a 2-1 win over Rangers . He was in a midfield that contained Bett, Connor,and Grant all who seemed to compliment each other.

Mason never did recieve international honours though his native England side ast the time boasted midfielders the like of Gascoigne, Platt, Waddle, Barnes, McMahon Steven, Hodge etc, Mason was easliy able to claim to be as good as most of them,

All good things come to an end and Masons time at Pittodrie ended when in the summer of 1993, Ipswich Town persuaded Willie Miller to sell him for only £400,000 and whilst Dons fans would have expected more than that fee, His time at Portman Road wasnt as successful as his stay at Pittodrie a player who we have struggled to find the likes of since the day he left.

Mason will always be reveered as one of the best players of the 1980s.

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Yeah Socuse was the man. I have a lot of great memories of him, the skol cup being an obvious one, but his most memorable goal for me was against Hearts at home. They must have won 2 games in a row before our match as they filled their bit, we were 2 up, and they brought it back to 2-2, I was the seat next to the fence and they were giving it yahoo, then Mason pops one in the top corner from 20 yards, happy days, and we went on to win 6-2!

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Surprised you missed - other than the joker who took a fishing rod, can of lager and a dead chicken to a dead man on the side of a riverbank recently - the most naturally talented SPL players in history from your list tho tut... (OF unfortunately)


Was only referring to the players in the OP who I thought were better players than Mason.


Who u talkin' bout? Nicholas? McClair?


Oh wait, this is England. The Crab?

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Mason was obviously better than those 3 because he played for the Dons. :dance:


You honestly think he was more talented though?


And the review never even mentioned Beardsley......

No i was only pulling your leg there Tut ;) He was a great player and like i said was one of my favourites when i was a kid. But he wasn't as good as Barnes for example, he was different class that guy.

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Sorry, may have misunderstood or missed original list. Best four SPL players for me were Laudrup, Nicholas, Larsson and Gascoigne.


Yeah probably agree with that but as you say that wasn't the original point. Mason was unfortunate in that there were quite a few great midfield players for England at the time he was playing.


Today, he would walk into their team.

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Type of player i forget about when you mention aberdeen greats but when i hear his name i gie myself a face slap....he is one of the aberdeen greats and would get a game in any spl team today and probably a lot in the spl.


Agree he's an Aberdeen great but I doubt he'd be in many people's best ever Dons VI.


Although, he would get a game for most English Premier teams today, never mind the SPL.

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While I'm not saying he's as good as Mason (not close) we have our next Mason in the team now in Rob Milsom.

The SPL standard compared to then, Milsom measures up to what Mason was for us almost.

Scottish top flight was a much higher standard back then compared to now but Milsom is good enough for this standard nowadays :thumbs:


Mason could hop round today in the SPL & still stand out

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