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Sorry if this is already hidden in another thread but I notice Maguire is suspended for our next 2 games. Why is this? Has he crossed the points limit?


On Wednesday they play St Johnstone in Perth then Dundee United on Monday night at Tannadice. Chris Maguire is suspended for both these two games. Two weeks today they play St Mirren in the Scottish Cup. Please note any potential replay would be the following Wednesday. (16th March)




This is a bit of a blow as Vernon and Blackman haven't really clicked together. Hopefully something will work though and Paton is always an option as well.

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Milsom could manage on the left Bri, he has a decent left peg ?


probably, might just be too much shuffling about though and we'd lose his drive and push in the middle. He's the best player we have IMO and might be wasted out on the left.


It'll probably be Blackman. Dont know how well him and Vernon will be though. I think Blackman and Maguire would work pretty well. Its the old combo of a small nippy striker and a big geez to knock it down.

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