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"shitey" as i christened him was a surprise signing in 1988, by Alex Smith from Dunfermline for the handsome fee of £150,000. Rbertson had been a regular for Dunfermline before coming north so it was Robertson that started the Dunfermline to Aberdeen conveyor belt that also produced Langfield, Brewster, Crawford and Demspey and to be fair all four are better than Roberston was his greatest moment in a Dons shirt was when he took it off after a being an unused sub! seriously he scored a cracker in a European tie against Rapid Vienna. and that was about it he could'nt get past other midfielders like Mason, Bett, Connor, Grant , Kane and Scott Thomson. Robertson left to return to Dunfermlie where he played out his career he is currently a scout at Pittodrie mainly due to his close friendship with Willie Miller

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Disgrace of a player, disgrace of a human. Not fit to be remembered by any self-respecting Aberdeen fan. Fife scum.


He stopped to sign an autograph for my mum at Spar in Culter, signed to me obviously as my mum wasn't a huge football fan. She said he was a nice guy and a lot more approachable than Charlie Nicholas, who she'd asked for an autograph for me not long before and only reluctantly signed.


On the pitch, don't remember him doing much at all for us except scoring on his debut against St Mirren and injuring Campbell Money in the process.

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Nondescript, fat, curly heided warrior.


He had a fair shot on him, remember him almost ripping the net from the rigging one game with a top corner howitzer, but aside from that never did much at all to merit historical significance.


The powerful shot only masked his deficiencies, mainly that a pint of milk could turn quicker and he was blowing out his arse after 10 minutes of running about.

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