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Langfield is a clown but probably deserves to pick up man of the match today. The saves he made were all standard but he was the only player who can say he done his job today imo (Aluko as well actually)


I fail to see how he was at fault for their goal.

Seeing the highlgihts of the saves I expected more after reading MT say he was heroic as they were all standard but there was nothing he could do with the goal.

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Only don that can hold his hands up and say he done his job. Still shaky on his 6 yard and another horrific kick but he saved us today. Waiting til I get home to see the game on the telly for his saves to see of they were phenomenal but they were certainly good. Saved his career here though... Other question altogether!

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Well done today, Jamie. He made a good double block by good positioning. He made a couple of usual errors but overall plus marks, definitely.


I wouldn't go as far as saying that he was "immense" as reported above but he did his job excellently today.


On one occasion when it came back off the bar and hit the back of his legs, his reactions for getting down were surprisingly quick.


Langfield was NEVER at fault for the goal. He takes not even 1% of the responsibility. Absurd OP.


It was a good goal but Diamond was culpable. Absolutely shocking defending from him again, not tracking McGowan back.

Right, all the confirmation we needed. Draw a line under this thread here?


Aye, definitely today :laughing:


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