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Huns V Killie

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Tbh who actually cares that Rangers beat Killie by an own goal? I honestly couldn't give a f**k who wins the league.


Don't know about you but if we beat them it adds to the pleasure that we have contributed to them not winning the title.


Little pleasures are always nice when our own team cannot give us them.

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seriously do you care, is that an achievement these days stopping rangers winning the league celtic are by far the worse now im my eyes with lennon and company there nae by much mind you



while it wuld be nice to stop both winning the league it a bit of a pain


so i'd quite like to stop rangers winning the league and celtic winning the cup :-)

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Wasn't going to bother starting a new thread about this, so i'll pop it in here.


Rangers have now delayed the publishing of their accounts on 4 separate occasions now.


A few grumblings apparently to do with the HMRC, which they're 'seriously troubled with', according to Spiers.

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