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Been here last 3 days for my MBA workshop, lovely city but ffs spoiled by proliferation of bams and chavs on staggers, weekends. Strange paradox of a place . Good food and wine though one of our team is Slovak so knew the score , had about 4 tonnes of meat gym beckons next week.


Agreed & also some very nice beers.

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Went to Prague must be about 15 years ago - beautiful city - remember listening to a jazz band on the Charles River bridge in the mist. Wonderful - was just beginning to get commercial - marvellous beers which I slightly overindulged in. Travelling in by bus from airport real eye opener - horrible Soviet concrete buildings then suddenly into wonderful Edwardian (I think) housing and then medieval city centre.


The czechs have had their share of problems with their neighbours.

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Heading to Prague for a stagger later this year, anyone got any weblinks to decent hotels they'd recommend? Cheers.


K + K Fenix


stayed here a few years ago, reasonably proced, great location just of Wencesles Square.


Only negative was it had a brothel directly across the road but it wasn't too bad, nobody pestered you when you headed out/home.

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