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Queensbury Rules

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watched a small bit of cage mentalism this weekend and i couldnt help but wonder why would you do these sports?

this particular bout involved one decent blow knocking the opponent down and then the winner rained in a few jabs whilst the guy was out for the count. mustve hurt.


seems like these matches involve lots of hugging and kissing and the then the odd wallop. the grappling is nothing that doesnt go on in boarding school but the money shots,.....


what i dont understand is how do the contestants survive these blows from such strong folk? in boxing you'll get enormous force from a single punch and in ufc you might get a knee to the chops. i would have thought that even i could seriously injure someone with a well placed e honda style knee smash, ior a sly blow to the temples, never mind these neathderthals.


and when you first start partaking in these sports, surely you get your nose broken and teeth knocked out every single time?


i just dont get it.

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