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Man Utd - Marseille

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At the moment lads, can't see a 3-1 in this game.


Hopefully a 98th minute equaliser from Marseille though.


Dunno like, Man U get a second & Marseille really have to push up for a couple (leaving holes at the back)


Although Marseille look most likely to score at mo.

Good game though, Man U getting hit hard with injuries.


Rooney's distribution has been exceptional, every pass (long or short) has been perfect.

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How shyte is Wes Brown?

Very, very sh*t.

Bombscare Brown at his finest. Not good for Smalling having to play next to that donkey whilst learning his trade.


Man United are pish at the moment. Need an over haul in the summer.


They certainly do.


Rooney seems to have possibly found his best position though and the young lad Hernandez is top drawer.

Utd look more threatening up front when him and Rooney play.


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ah the pass completion stat, Lucas at liverpool had the highest in the league at one point..........


It was what Manchester United needed last night, they were giving the ball away far too easily at times, and with the game on a knife edge, keeping the ball was priority.


Carrick has definitely gone backwards as a player, seems more safety first than any sort of creator these days.

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