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again looked like we were lucky to get through. but a win is a win.


amazing turn from aluko. need to be doing that kind of thing week in week out though.


vernons disallowed goal is a farce. just gets up earlier than gallacher who dropped faster than a ripe apple.


dunno what vujadinovic was complaining about. totally random arm flailing and shouting.

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Some nice control & skills by Maguire & Aluko on a couple of occasions.

The foul on Gallacher for third goal, yes but also Vernon was getting fouled before he got to the ball :dontknow:

Did Hartley go into the fans for first goal from the corner?

Good save from Gallacher at the end when Vernon tried to round him, similar to the second of the two that Clangers had last week.


Pitch looks even worse with the fog, or harr.


Aluko.........Yellow boots first half, Blue boots second????


Thought Broon was against this? Is Aluko just rubbing it in :laughing:

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