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Player Paper Quotes

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We all know that most players quotes are taken out of context or blown out of proportion but I want the EE et all to start having the following headlines.


"I intend to score f.a goals this season"

"I hope our cup nightmare continues as long as I play for this club"

"??rren will score no more than 2 goals this season"

"Dons linked with utter rank midfielder from Afghanistan"


At least I will stop maoning about the headlines and our fans will have a more realistic approach to life with the Reds


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Our players should not be allowed to speak to the papers about what they will and won't do until they actually start winning things again.


Let the paper swing for it's story, it's not as if they assist the club in any way in any case.


And do the fans really want to read Derek Young repeating for the umpteenth time how the players will be going all out to do this, that or the next thing? It's not even remotely interesting.

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I prefer to read the headlines after the match has been played just to laugh at how much of a tit they must feel after it was them that muffed up or Aberdeen just didn't turn up at all.. it's happened countless times now.


Also most days it seems to be the same story, different player.


I quite liked the one - "Jamaican midfielder to have trial with Aberdeen FC" and then a few days later the inevitable happened... "Aberdeen FC have no cash to sign Langley"... Brilliant! :banghead:

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