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Obscure Dons Players

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BriPod gets it with Wank Obain.


Real name, Juan Cobian. Argentinian U-23 Internationalist who was signed by Uncle Ebbe to play at Right Back. Can't remember too much about Cobian, to be honest, however one statistic thrown about by the club when we signed him was that he had a higher percentage of assists from crosses than a certain David Beckham,


While not a signing in the Hans Gilhaus or Jim Bett category, an U-23 Argentinian Internationalist who has (statistically) a sweeter right foot than David Beckham? Ho-ho, cool beans.


It turned out that statistics are like mini-skirts.


Played 3 games... f**ked off.

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He was f**king terrible


I see AFC Heritage has him down as a defender. I was under the impression he was a striker :dontknow:


He was one of the Aberdeen players who came to the Aberdeen summer football training camps that they ran in Banchory at the end of the week. Can't remember any of the other players who attended but think they were all youth players like Kpedekpo and I doubt any of them made any sort of impression at senior level of note.

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He was probably too intelligent to be a great player.




I can confirm he had great intelligence, anyone doing Accounts at Aberdeen Uni was a genius, he was on my course but a couple of years below me, saw around campus now and again :)



In one. Compared to some of today's charlatans, probably not that bad a player


No, Gary Hackett was terrible even by todays standards, was the first winger I ever witnessed who never even tried to beat the full back, just always attempted to cross through them without even making the space for the cross.

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