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Mr Brown And Mr Knox

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Sarcasm, but a tad harsh.


Blackman is definately a good player, as was seen earlier in the season. He hasn't managed to break up Maguire and Vernon and certainly hasn't sparkled as a left winger, which is where he has been played most.


There may be otehr factors such as locating to the North or whatever who knows, but he is a better player than we have seen at Aberdeen. Hopefully we can retain him and see the best of him next year?

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Like I say Mr Brown should try and keep him next year, he's got a long way to go and certainly won't get in Blackburns team next season.


Hopefully this Jerome character will help us get a few more players-!


At the end of the day these c'nts hold all the power, even Fergie relies on Pini Zahavi "the fixer" yet slags off agents all the time.


Clearly previous hingmy had no contacts apart from the dutch amateur saunas of the Oranje........McGhee faired better apart from Awful and Half-Nelson

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