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Facebook Page - Bring Back The Red Ultras

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It would only be considered if there was enough interest from people wanting to make it happen.Theres been a good response from fans so far but still not enough to warrant a meeting.If over 100 got in touch then we would have a meeting,at present 70 odd fans have been in touch so you never know.This wasnt started by myself like but I have been replying to people who do get in touch and explaining the situation.We managed to rally 350 plus fans into one area for the recent replay v st mirren and it was a good atmosphere.

Sadly red army 12 seems to have failed which is a shame as there was 320 odd signed up members,all of whom recieved a scarf for joining after paying membership fee.Who knows what they will do next but its a shame all those members didnt help or participate at games,and within the support.

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