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Forget Keeping Maguire

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At the start of this season I'd have said you don't need to have great fullbacks to succeed and you can get away with having lesser players if the centre of defence was strong, fair to say we've learned the hard way that isn't the case.


As much as I'd like to see us keep Smith, we're going to be severely short of any sort of creative spark middle to front if Aluko and Milsom don't both sign up and I imagine our budget would take a fair hit replacing them.


A massive job on for Brooner this summer.



Milsom isnt a creator supreme to quote david baddiel, aluko is however

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milsom is ok smith is class

So let me get this right. Although Smith is class, as you say he is also an ex-Rangers player. I am entirely equivocal about that as I think quality should be recognised above all else.


However, according to many of the frequent posters here, any association with Rangers, e.g. Foster, is enough to make a player into some sort of pariah.


Can someone explain the criteria for this as it appears somewhat irrational to me.

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Out of the current squad I'd keep Smith, Vernon, Milsom, Aluko(on his day) and any promising upcoming youngster who wants to be a team player.


The rest can drift off into obscurity.


The Rangers thing doesn't bother me too much.

If he's commited and is a good player then he's fine by me.

Ross, Nicholson, Bett and Smith fall into that catagory.

Foster doesn't, as although he may be committed, he's nae that good and Rangers are welcome to him.

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