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Scotland U 16's Victory Shield

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Just a reminder in case folk have forgot, Scotland U 16's play England the nite in the Victory Shield needing only a draw to win the shield, it's live on Sky sports.....cum on Scotland!!!



From Sfa webiste:


Under-16s ready for England test

Monday, 28 March 2011


Sky Sports Victory Shield


England v Scotland


Globe Arena, Morecambe


Wednesday 30 March


Kick-off 7.35pm


Live on Sky Sports


Scotland under-16s can win the Sky Sports Victory Shield outright for the first time in 12 years with a draw over England.


Ross Mathie's side sit top of the group after beating Northern Ireland and drawing with Wales and a point against England at the Globe Arena in Morecambe on Wednesday night will see the trophy head north.


Lewis Kidd, who will captain the side in the place of injured Stuart Urquhart, Jamie Lindsay and Cameron Smith travelled with the under-17 side to Italy for the UEFA European Under-17 Championship elite round and will hope to use their experience of playing with an older group in Wednesday's Victory Shield decider.

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Sky even commandeering loons football now, christ.


Mon the Scotland, I'm chuffed to see England lose at anything, but when it comes to fitba, and this fixture in particular, it's all out war on the guffs.


Intae them.


I could be wrong but I think sky have had this tournament for years and I think they sponsor it.

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I could be wrong but I think sky have had this tournament for years and I think they sponsor it.


Oh well, I'm of an era where these things were available on the telly, free.


The under-16 World Cup held here was brilliant, and all the Scotland games were shown live if I remember correctly.


Changed days now, it's Sky calling the shots on just about every issue in football.

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I know that we're trying to get away from the requirement of big physical players towards technically good players, but englands players look like giants compared to ours


Also giants compared to Iniesta, Xavi, Messi, Neymar etc etc


Still... if we insist on hoofing the ball through the air all the time maybe we should get a few giants of our own.

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Also giants compared to Iniesta, Xavi, Messi, Neymar etc etc


Still... if we insist on hoofing the ball through the air all the time maybe we should get a few giants of our own.


Aye, if we were playing it about and holding onto the ball i wouldn't be worried, but we're humping it up field and our passing is pretty poor............cum on scotland!!!!!!


Oh f**k sake.......2-0 land of the giants

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Shadow of the team in their first 2 matches.


Feel sorry for wee Cammy with being stretchered off, host of Premiership clubs scouts are there to watch him and his game ends like that. These things seem to happen at unfortunate times in football.


He's miles ahead of his time, has been playing in the Aberdeen Under 19 squad of late. Pretty sure he scored a hat trick not to long ago aswell.

Dont think he has.Last time we chatted this was his next aim. Aberdeen have asked to leave school and sign full time straight after his exams.

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I never knew his dad drank in the Horse given they don't live in Balmedie anymore. ST's dad and Cammys dad are very good mates, and ST wrote on my page he played in a closed door under 19s match....in which he scored a hat trick. ST used to be the lads neighbour.....


I've been keeping up to date with him via person in question as I know their dads are in very close contact.

Actually just didnt want to reveal anything.


I think you may have the wrong person Roberto. He's never been in the U19 squad.

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mate shut up you know what i mean, just as robert did


as i said wise up....why would u want him injured? to sit out a season of progression? to make him a semi decent player for aberdeen and not a great prospect for the loon and his country?


i never ever ever understand statements like that, its stupid and foolish to think thats what AFC require.

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haha no I'm not, you told a wee porky and I spied it. I know exactly the lad in question and I trust the words of his neighbour on how he's doing because as I say his dad and Camerons dad are close mates.


Check my Facebook and you'll see STs comments....


End of arguement because there is nothing to give away, the lads dad wouldn't have been in the Horse, he hates Balmedie and got out. Unless of course 2 Cameron Smiths played tonight who just so happen to look the same and lived in Balmedie but moved out many years back..... Hey hum.


Aff tae bed

:hysterical: , what a heap of nonsense.


His Dad used to be in the bar quite alot (i now know hes moved) . Was speaking to him the last time he was up when he was back seeing his pal who lives directly next door to him,joiner boy.


He hasnt been in any U19 squad, so that was just a lie on your part.


Classic Roberto.

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As I say, you can check Roberto's facebook......I'm going on what best mates would say to one another. Want a wee check-a-roo? You can do....wire in. My latest status.


ST would know what he's talking about given he was his neighbour for years....


So classic Roberto, niente......classic ST, who to be honest, kens fit he's talking aboot.

You said he had been in the U19 squad of late. Which actually isnt the case. He played in one closed door friendly which anyone can play in very similar to a trialist.

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'of late'......so he was, as it was a few weeks ago?


Did he play for the under 19's, oui or si?


You claimed he hadn't played for the under 19's and said this was his next aim, did he play? Oui or si?


A simple oui or si will do :)

Who said anything about it being an U19 match? Surely a closed door friendly means almost anyone can take part.


No he officially has never been in a U19 squad.

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