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Create Some Atmosphere Tonight

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I know we're going to be bottom 6 and are on a bad run, but let's stop Rangers winning the league and help us to go into the semi-final with a good result. Let's get some songs going tonight and give them good support!


Hope everyone's journey to Hampden is a good one this time. Cmon the dandies!



It'll tak mair than that loon.


Scottish fitba = :deadhorse:

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If players are all up for it from word go tonight and get stuck right in from first minute giving it a go then fans will be right behind them. If as i anticipate Brown will start off with usual 1 up front looking to sit in and defend and maybe hit on counter fans will sit on arses and then when 2nd goal goes in start booing then when 3rd goes in f**k off home to watch end of Champions League on telly.

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