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People You Don't Like


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I assume this is meant to be slightly controversial dislikes, rather than just the standards...


Kate whatever her name is that is getting married to Prince William. Don't really know all that much about her, but I think she is a bit of c-bomb.

Can't say i've any issues with her, other than the fact she isn't after him for his good looks....the boys looks are disappearing exponentially!

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Why is it when theres a kidnapping child missing and sh*te do they always get a quote from another unfit mother.


Did you see the one last week, who was the mother of the second dead person in Swindon? She had been "missing" for 8 years and had left home because she was a junkie. Her mother had not seen her since then, yet it was still the main story on the evening headlines on ITN. They aren't looking for the murderer any more, as they have a prime suspect, there are no real facts to be gained from the showing of such a press conference, so what was the point? I really did not get that...

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Harry f**king Hill

The prick that does the weather on STV

David Dickinson

Every single councillor in ACC

My thieving ex

Pat Sharp

Chris the ginger c**t Evens

Chris fat f**k Moyles

Chick nippy sweetieYoung




heed tim mink

John Leslie



EDIT: This list is by no means comprehensive, more of a snap shot.

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