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Aberdeen Fc 's Communication

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Hello Dons fans.


I am currently writing my dissertation for my final year at Uni.


Basically I want to find out the opinions of fellow AFC fans about the way the club communicates with you.


To help do this I have created a short survey and I would be very grateful if you would take five minutes to complete it. (Link at bottom of the page)



The title of my dissertation is:


The relationship between proactive PR strategies and stakeholders perceptions of their club during hard times: A case study of Aberdeen Football Club.


To what extent can proactive PR strategies positively influence the perceptions of stakeholders towards their club, in times when they are not performing well?


I also want to find out how other stakeholders such as: sponsors, shareholders and investors feel about the club

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Hate all these uni dissertations when they get us fans to answer a few meaningless questions to do all their work


My Project was fully determined researched and implemented by me I did all the work and all the hard stuff instead of basing it around a survey that tells you nothing


rant over



I'm feel like logging on with as many possible computers and skewing the results to meaningless results



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Aberdeen FC's usual communication with the fans is more or less "Sit down, shut up, eat your pie, and watch the game. If you don't like it then tough sh*t"


I think Aberdeen are no different than many clubs in terms of communication with fans, but I think they need to develop a better relationship with them.


The club seems to play lip service to website, e-mail etc and even mobile technology. These mediums especially a website needs to encourage traffic to head in its direction, as at present it is not working(and not being updated enough). I would like the club to develop their online presence a bit like the match day magazine, with club columnists, (Former players, captain's column, Manager etc) and especially regular updates from Willie Miller (many question what he is doing...a chance for him to tell us). Maybe even have a fans column (with different people every month). The site needs to be regularly updated and the information needs to be accurate or not included.


Red TV should be dual layered, with some elements being available for free (I think they has started this, but not updated enough for my liking) I would also be keen for this to be expanded also but thats not a communication issue. The quality of Red TV also needs to improve - too amateurish at times


The club also needs to develop its marketing campaigns, and pitch up stands in shopping centres in the city. If people are not able to get to pittodrie to buy tickets, take the tickets to them. This is how its done all over the world, so why wouldn't it work here.


Hope this helps

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My Project was fully determined researched and implemented by me I did all the work and all the hard stuff instead of basing it around a survey that tells you nothing

You went to Uni Bam ber?


I didn't. But I still knew that if two football teams drew they get a point apiece. And some say I wasted my Hilton edookayshun

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AFC regularly phone me up to tell me fits gan on and ask my opinion.


I was the one who advised Milney to ditch the wig back in the day, and I told Duncsy to bring back the club toaster - and Rowies for abdy on Fridays. It a decision that's proved very popular with the big man Harters who likes them wi a bit o jam on top.


Recently Willie phoned me at 2 in the morning to ask me the best way to plow a 19 year ald lassie. "Honestly Willie," I says "Just ply her wi Lambrini like ye usually dae". Dinna mess with a very occasionally winning formula that's fit I say.


I'd say club communication isna bad, could do with a bit less really.

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