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Lets All Laugh At Scottish Football

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I say f**k the lot of it. Kick the OF out of the league for bringing it into disrepute. Tell the TV companies it's about football, not TV adverts. Ok our teams will probably be sh*ter but honestly if the 1st div in england can nick our better players now who cares? We are never going to be anything but a small league not popular anywhere else, but we can be that on our own terms without whoring ourselfs. All the chopping and changing loan players and mercenary b*stards we've had over the years to win what? We should just have a fairly static group of enthusiastic committed players who grow with the team over many seasons, in a league which respects the fans(the customer), at least they and it would be ours.

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FOX Sports, FSC, used to show Scottish games a few years back.


I think they replaced it with the Falkland Islands Sheep Fermers Amateur 4-a-Side Kick Aboot Up A Mountain League.


Hard to argue that decision, though. Definitely a far higher standard of fitba.

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