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Bass Guitar For Sale


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dont play the geeta but if I did i'd want one shaped like that



or an axe


either would be cool


nice Jack, (you dont have to answer this, it is a statement rather that a question) If you're selling this through cash necessity it must be breaking your heart! I hope you get a good whack for it, looks affa nice!!!

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Following in your footsteps Patty.


First "proper" guitar


No longer used due to the jack pot coming away from the wire.





Fender USA Alpine "white" (more of a cream now) Strat. Brilliant fast guitar!


Simon and patrick acoustic. Cant get a pic but it looks like all the others. Brilliant sound for not too much cash!


And my baby!






Really hoping to add a bass to the collection soon, but with moving in to a new flat and a new camera, cash is a bit short atm. Hope it's still around in not too long!

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