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Brazilian Telly


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Going to have to find some way of getting Brazilian telly in my hoose... they dinna bother wi sh*te like Prime Minister's Question Time, and if they did it would involve some gorgeous tart wi gigantic chebs and a thong bikini half way up her arse doing the questioning.


How much does it cost to get some tart to wiggle her tits on prime time? Tenner a week?


Sooner watch that than North Tonight. Not that I get North Tonight either.


Anyway, Take it away, Brazilian Telly!





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Kelt, that's damn conservative compared to argie TV.


Have a looky at the Argentinian version of dancing with the stars. They have simulated sex/oral/masturbation, on national TV!


She pretends to masturbate herself with a shirt, throws at her partner and he sniffs it too.


Imagine the BBC airing this?



Holy sh*t, don't even get as good a dance in the stripers and you pay

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