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Rip Eddie Turnbull ...

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Just heard about this very sad news on Sportsound coming back from the game. Before my time, but his legacy still lives on and it really is a shame to see current players showing the complete opposite on and off the pitch of what this great man did not only for the Dons and Hibs, but for Scottish football in general.


R.I.P Mr Turnbull, thanks for the memories :applause::cry:

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A legend of the Scottish game. Was still referred to as boss or Mr Turnbull by all who played under him, such was the respect he earned. Some of today's "superstars" are lucky they don't play in his era.


Craig Paterson talked about him earlier on, saying how much he respected him not just as a manager but as a person. Said his training techniques were strict but fun and he was a great boss to play for. I remember King Joey said he used to stay back 30 minutes after training to take penalties with Eddie too. Don't think any of our prima donna "stars" do that like.

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My Grandad's been a fan of AFC for 70yrs and has always spoken very highly of him. With all that I've heard, from him and others, as well as looking at the facts and figures, I'd say his contribution to paving the way for our glory days cannot be overestimated. He certainly turned them into a force to be reckoned with.

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I fully appreciate the long service and commitment Eddie Turnbull felt and gave to Hibs and why he is one of their greats but I'm a little dispapointed that they haven't mentioned on their current pages about the match (that I've seen) that he was also the manager of the dons and instrumental in reorganising a sadly drifting side before returning to his first love. It explains far more why this match is such a fitting memorial to him; he'd cringe (and perhaps a bit more) at the way we play though. Nice tributes on the dons site especially from Martin Buchan and Bobby Clark (oh to have their standard back at Pittodrie)

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