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inexperience has cost me tonight.


was recording a feed from one of those streaming sites as my mrs wanted to see it but is in bed. so being the loving guy i am, sought out recording apps to help me out and found hypercam is highly rated and equally highly regarded.


i had a few brief tests to get used to it and all worked fine. my only concern was that a 12 second feed used 22 megs which made me crap my pants but its alright, i have 25 gig free, theres no way ill use all that.


anyway, just finished recording, look at the avi file and it 23.9 gig. just made it and no more.


then i start the thing and realise that while the audio has recorded fine, the frame rate was set to playback at 10fps instead of the 24. so its like watching it in fast forward. i cant even edit the damn thing because im worried ill f**k the only copy i have, and i dont even have enough space on an external hard drive to made a bloody copy. its also far too much effort as this was a case of record it, watch, then delete forever. mildly amusing outcome but bloody annoying


my mistake was having a play around testing recording bits of the french football...with french commentary during half time when they were looking at the league table so didnt even bat an eyelid when i watched back.


so, learn from my mistakes. if your using hypercam to record videos for tutorials or anything similar, make sure to check that playback setting.

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nah, wasnt a tv program. but that is all i will say on a public forum.


showed her the key bits she needed to see then deleted it.


annoying as f**k that it happened but im also now thinking that my speakers double up as a microphone as it seems to have picked up me pottering about while its been recording.


i now see why people that record "lets play" series' only do an hour or so footage then stop to check it all.


live and learn.

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