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Turriff United V Aberdeen

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You've got to wonder if Pawlett is ever going to make it which would be such a shame cos he's got real potential. I don't think i've ever seen a young player pick up so many injuries in my life.


I don't think he will make it, as his career is going to blighted by injury which will stunt his progress.

Shame really as I've no doubt that he has some decent potential.


Harsh option.......cut our losses.

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Just back, could post a long match report but won't.


Main comments:


Men against boys

Turriff defenders know how to blast a ball clear, very hard and long

Their keeper looked really good despite having little to do.

Paton was dire.

I said Pawlett would be "injured" as soon as he tumbled, can't help but think 9/10 would have got up and continued

Magennis was falling all over the place.

Enjoyable game despite all that


Much deserved win for Turriff. Clearly meant a lot to their fans. Severely outnumbered ours and went mental at every goal and sub and FT.

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Absolute excellent performance fae Turra inite, every single player had a good game, and lucky it wasn't 3-0 after Gary Harris's effort that was clearly over the line wasn't given. Josh magennis looked really poor how he plays in the SPL Il never know.Great crowd aswell good to see so many Turra fans out in force tonight, hardly any Aberdeen at all. All in all great night if nota wee bit o a downervby the ill natered c**t o a bus driver who wouldnt let us take some tinnies on the bus back. Aul hoor!! MON I TURRA!!!!

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