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Apparently the training camp will be in Holland, but they will play friendlies in Germany, this is what I've been told.


There will be a game against 'Aachen' and unsure of who the other team was.


All speculation at this present moment in time though, so unsure of how much is believable.



think aachen is some old historical place on the border.

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That sounds good, hopefully true! :) It's not too far away from me. Alemannia Aachen play 2nd Bundesliga, they played against Hearts in 2009 I think. Gladbach are in the 1st Bundesliga, but probably 2nd next season, while Bochum is in the 2nd but still in the promotion race,

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When I read somewhere else that it might be Russia, thought no way, but i stand corrected, Granpa Broon has said in the Sun today that he thinks Dons are going to Germany but he is very interested in a tourney in Russia, so might be Russia !?!

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