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Kelly Brook Loses Baby Girl


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Happens every day to hundreds of women.


Sympathy to all of them nae just the famous.

Oh i totally agree mate, wasn't trying to suggest that. Happened to my cousin a few years ago too, f**king tragic. Agree with the person's comment in that link who said it's not fair for it to happen to nice people like Kelly and yet folk who have heaps of kids and mistreat them for example bloody well get away with it.

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Agree but there is a massive difference in this case. I got Mrs rocket pregnant eight times but four were very early miscarriages.


Miss (before married so welcome at the time), Hit, Hit, Hit, Miss, Miss, Miss, Hit was our breeding history, not that I got consulted on any of them.


It's absolutely no big deal when it miscarries early and these greetin faced couples with their woe is me sh*te should just wise up.


Five months though is huge and once you get past the first few weeks, it's happening for real. Before that, it's still just a maybe.


It's much more rare to lose it after 10 weeks so I have huge sympathy for her losing hers this well on. She lost a baby, not just a seeded egg bunch of cells.

My sister lost her little boy with 4 weeks to go in october 2010 and the effects it can have on the mum,dad and family cannot be put into words,the only words to describe any person on this site that turns a situation like this into a joke is TOTAL f**kING SCUMBAG!!

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