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Amateur/junior Football

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1 minute ago, Roberto said:

Wee bit of handbags and corner flag swinging at opponents at the end.

Entertainment a plenty.

The online rivalry is great stuff. Delighted to hear it’s manifesting as physical violence in reality.

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3 minutes ago, milne_afc said:

The online rivalry is great stuff. Delighted to hear it’s manifesting as physical violence in reality.

Using a corner flag as a weapon was an exceptional viewing. No fucks given.

I've enjoyed a few trips to watch Aberdonian fitba recently and witnessed a good amount of red cards. 

A game recently, team was down so they brought on some cunt to stir it up in the middle of the park... 3 minutes later, sent off for sticking the head in someone.

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I was up to watch the Kincorth Cowie game last night.

Cowie win they win the quadruple

Kincorth win... echt win the league

Draw meant a play off between Echt and Cowie to decide winner.

Late late Cowie goal meant they win the league and 4th trophy of the season. An unreal haul to be fair. They almost bottled it towards end of the season and with it looking like a play off game with Echt fuckinf fair play to Cowie for digging in and getting the winner. Some crowd there aswell.

I will say Cowie have some very unlikeable players. Their social media page is relatively embarrassing.

Kincorth have a few players who are there just to kick folk. Haha. An amusing game with a certain kint face running onto the pitch to challenge the goal given to Cowie... which I feel he deemed offside. Kincorth missed an absolute sitter with 8 mins to go... Cowie scored with seconds remaining. If there's a way to win it... its the way I guess. Echt took it right to them at end of season and made it very interesting.

I went to a few games towards end of season and it was thoroughly enjoyable.

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