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11Th May 1991.....

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That's possibly my biggest ever "What If" moment in football (or life?)...What if Alex Smith didn't say to the Aberdeen dressing room "A draw here will do lads".


I made my thoughts clear on this yesterday in the "Speakers" thread.


So we've come round to a b*stard and a spineless c**t?


20 years ago tomorrow Alex f**king Smith became the most disgusting human being ever to walk the planet.


May every day of your rotten life be filled with misery you bottling piece of sh*t. 20 years later we're still a team of bottlers.


Alex Smith you riddled our club with bottle disease you gutless c**t.


Smith is the most common surname in Britain if you don't count Mohammed and the various spellings it has.


Alex Smith is a c**t.

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As much as i hate to say this as he was one of my heroes as a kid but supposedly Snelders bottled the game? My mate says the story was he was fit to play but didn't want to. Anybody confirm this?

Nah - had been injured the 5 games prior to the decider aswell.

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If i remember correctly Hateley took Watt out in the first 5-10mins - after that Watt, as you stated, was destroyed.


Yip - there's another youtube clip of the game uploaded by a hun to the side of the one I posted which has Hateley clattering Watt in it. Even Jock Brown on commentary says he thinks it's a deliberate ploy which it clearly was. Plus their 2nd goal was a mile offside.

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This was my first game at Ibrox,


actually managed to get two tickets for it one from my season ticket and the other from my supporters club, told the supporters club to give the other one to someone else as i already had one, did not even think about selling it on, was only 14 at the time what a twat could have got about 150 bottles of Merry down at the time!!


Still say even though it was a horrible, the noise the Huns made that day was like nothing I have experienced before/since.


and if I mind rightly theo was injured and had no chance of making the game, and that game also ended Watt as a keeper looked the business I thought but never recovered after that battering fae Hately

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