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Thanks for giving the lads who traveled down today a win, but other than that thanks for f**k all you useless c**ts. Won't be back much next season unless we see some serious improvement.



Worst season in my memory thank f**k its over. :o


I make that about 42 too many when I can sum it up in one - cuntageddon

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A season to forget no doubt about it!!


Some serious changes required but just changing manager and the odd players will make little impact maybe short term but long term nothing will change?


Unless, there is a massive clear out. That includes WM, directors and SM. Until we see new investment and new people who have a fresh attitude on how to take this club forward i am afraid we will see more bottom 6 finishes. There is an apathy about the club and that will only change if there are changes from top to bottom.....simple!!

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