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Next Season

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My own thoughts are that Maguire will now stay for another two seasons and the rest of the players will leave who are out of contract or on loan, with Foster coming back.


So what positions do we need filled?


I would say:


Goalkeeper (back up or new number 1)


Centre back (robust, experienced, somebody in the darren dodds mold ( 3years younger!))


Left Back (Stevie Smith mold)


Centre Mid (Would be happy with Jennings)


Left Mid / Winger (need a pacy outlet, that can deliver crosses, again Humphrey would be a good comparison, although he is right wing)


If Maguire stays, which i think he will, we will have MaGuire, Paton, Magennis, Mackie, and Vernon up front, with the starting two likely to be Maguire and Vernon. Have we got room for another striker? I dont think so, unless we can shift Mackie or Paton.


So the new Starting 11 would be:




Foster New CB Considine/McArdle New LB



Pawlett/Folly Milsom Fyvie/Jennings New LM


Vernon Maguire



What does everybody think of this team? like the start of last season, i think it would be competitive (top six likely) however if injuries crop up we may struggle.

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1 new keeper - don't think this will happen


2 new CB's


2 new fullbacks - would like to sign smith permanently


1 new CM


new winger


new striker


8 new players please Mr brown and I don't mean promoting a youngster


I have zero confidence in the above happening considering WM deals with player negotiations.

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